Unique Home Design

offers a unique home design which to be functional, attractive, expressive and tasteful of your lifestyle. A lifelong classical design.

home builders construction

home builder with guarantee construction on quality (not quantity) by the experienced teamwork

Interior decora paying attention to every detail

offers the interior designing for home, apartment, condo with attentive renovation services. Our creative suggestion can offer to complete the task at your satisfaction.

furniture reasonable prices

offers the made to order furniture at reasonable /affordable price.
Fitted furniture or stand alone. Products are made at our own place.

Neramit Architect Co.,Ltd.

We are an established building company based in Chiang Mai (Thailand) offering an architectural, interior, furniture, renovation, refurbishment, and construction services to domestic and commercial customers. Thailand architect firm in Chiang Mai|Lampang |Lamphun

Company History

Neramit Architect Co.,Ltd. was unofficially established in 2004. Started from designing and constructing budget houses. We had provided responsibility, reliability, quality work and built to our clients. In 2009, we officially registered to a company limited and started providing a one stop shop since then. In order to fulfill clients satisfaction, we focus on providing quality (not quantity) as we pay great attention in every details and every processes hence we are trusted by clients to take care of their luxurious houses with multimillion budgets.

The success story of Neramit Architect Co.,Ltd. continues with a vision of art technology, hard work with dedicated and qualified teams having highly professional background, vision and innovation skills.

Our Services

Neramit offers a wide array of professional engineering services such as Design, Construction and Consultancy, supervised and operated by highly experienced and well-trained professionals in the construction industry.

Architectural Design


Interior & Decor


chenrachan (Ao)

Founder, Architecture Manager

“Architecture is the learned one To be accurate And the beauty of form and light.”

Charoenpong (Ai)

Founder, Coordinator Manager

“Drawing the future with us! Come with us to a sustainable future.”s.

Rinnatee (Puch)

Partner, Accounting Manager

“Thank you all for the trust and confidence of creationism options. We will do our best.”

Neramit Architect Co.,Ltd.

We offer a free initial consultation service from our expert staff come with more than 10 years of experience.